Where Do You Start Wallpapering A Wall?


It is not rocket science to decide which wall to wallpaper when planning for a room renovation. Most of us plan it in our ways: some prefer the transparent walls while some of the ones facing the balcony. In other words, selecting a simple pastel-coloured wallpapering can make a heavenly appearance live!

Where Do You Start Wallpapering A Wall?
Where Do You Start Wallpapering A Wall?

What To Pair With A Featured Wall? – Wallpapering

There is two way: either you pair or you create a contrast. If you a very wallpaper person, i.e. planning to wallpaper every wall of your room, try selecting either of the two options that I’ve just mentioned. If you are pairing it, try choosing a colour from light to medium tone. It shows a good sense of taste if the colour matches with the curtains and furniture of the room. It looks more planned and composed.

Else, if you’re into creating contrast, try selecting one wall of the room for a dark or textured wallpaper. Either the wall devoid of furniture and cuts or the one with them – a subtle design or a smooth textured coloured wallpaper does it right. Although choosing a geometric pattern such as any abstract wallpaper in two colours or multi-colours can add more drama to your room. Adding stripes can make a significant impact too!

How To Prepare The Wall Before Wallpapering

Preparing the wall before applying the wallpaper is super quick and easy. You have to start by making sure that the walls are clean. Start the cleaning procedure by scrubbing the walls with a damp sponge. This gently washes away the dust, grease or dirt from the walls. Most of the high-end wallpaper companies recommend using a sugar soap solution to clean the walls. Else, you can choose warm water with any washing liquid. But make sure, you get the wall clean and free of gunk.

Once the walls are clean, please leave it to dry. The perfect surface for wallpapering is being created now! Fill the small cracks, holes (if any) with the fillers. Make the surface smooth with sandpaper.

Where Do You Start Wallpapering A Wall?
Where Do You Start Wallpapering A Wall?

Steps To Hang The Wallpaper

Start by keeping the wallpaper by your side. Find the centre point of the wall. Take a measuring tape, and place equidistant dots from the top to the middle and middle to the bottom of the wall. Join the lines and make a straight demo line. This makes sure that you do not apply the wallpaper in any improper way.

Apply the first piece of wallpaper along the plumb line which you’ve drawn. Make sure the wallpaper will be applied straight.

Make a wallpaper paste and apply it to the full wall length. Start by referring only to the heights of your wallpaper first.

Adhere to the wallpaper to the wall. If you see tiny air bubbles forming, it is totally fine. The wall will become smoother when the paste dries.

Repeat the whole process. Trim in the areas where it is needed. For example, the switchboard areas must avoid the wallpaper. Make the wall look clean.