What Is A Good Architectural Designs


Every people know that a good piece of architecture can be inviting, beautiful, long-lasting, and accessible. Similarly, a good piece of architecture can be socially responsible, functional, affordable, and sustainable. By creating a positive experience, good Architectural Designs can make the world a better place to live. In other words, we can say that great architectural design can transform our experience of the world by creating spaces. Therefore, it also connects people at an emotional level. In order to have an exceptional experience, the architects use the various innovative methods along with a touch of the old age philosophy.

What Is A Good Architectural Designs
What Is A Good Architectural Designs

Different Architectural Designs To Make It Great

Let us have a brief look at the different architectural design methods, which can design great.

The Invisible Architect- Architectural Designs

In order to make the design transform from good to great, one can make the design disappear. Moreover, in terms of interior and architectural design, the designer seems not to be the focus of the work. Similarly, like an artist, the architects, too, cannot design the space for themselves. Therefore, they need to meet the ends, solve the problems, and also make designs for others. But unluckily, numerous architects could not resist the temptation as the protagonist of their work. Moreover, they garner the various accolades for the virtuosity.

Well-Being And Sustainability-Architectural Designs

 The interior design has some power with it; they trigger a memory and thus puts the body at ease. People always interact with their environment, but often, they do not realize it. The interaction consists of some negative, positive effects on the mood of an individual. Thus it also can affect the well-being of an individual. Sustainable architectural designs can often consideration occupant comfort and well-being. If any architects fail to give attention to the interior of the building, they compromise with the quality of life of the people. Therefore, great interior design can tend to shape the building around the needs and also on the lives of the people.

What Is A Good Architectural Designs
What Is A Good Architectural Designs

Proportion And Scale

The proportion and scale of the architectural design can also trigger the design to be different and great. Moreover, the great architects always have considered the importance of the proportion and scale in the architecture. If some great architecture enhances the sensory aspect of the human body and serves as an extension for it. Therefore the accurate design and scale can be the major difference between the great design and good design. The elements of an architectural design can relate and affect the feeling of an individual in space. Moreover, people always understand the room in relation to their size, not as per the wide or narrow, etc.


The hierarchy tends to be another important method which can make the architectural design loom great. Moreover, the hierarchy means the significance of the shape, size, and placement of the objects relative to the spaces. Therefore, it also explains why some of the elements of architecture can bring more visual weight in contrast to the other components.