What Does Traditional Style Furniture Look Like?

What Does Traditional Style Furniture Look Like?

Traditional style furniture is different from western style furniture as classic style furniture posses completely different features. Further, it has warm, vibrant colours that grab one’s attention instantly. Moreover, this type of furniture has exotic embroidery and is plush, soft. Also, it is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury for centuries.

What Does Traditional Style Furniture Look Like?
What Does Traditional Style Furniture Look Like?

However, significant types of Traditional Furniture are 

Jacobean (1600-1800)

Now, this style emerged from the English Early Renaissance. Further, it features straight lines, ornate carvings and the most crucial dark finish.

William And Mary Style Traditional Furniture (1690-1735) 

Now, this style of furniture was famous in the late 17th and early 18 century. Also, it’s essential characteristics are it’s Dutch and Chinese Influence. Also, there are features of the ball feet of Spanish and Oriental lacquer work.

Queen Anne (1700-1755) 

 Now, this emerged in the early 18 and mid 18th century during the reign of Willian III of England. Further, it’s essential characteristics are cabriole legs, fiddle- backed chairs and drawer pulls in the shape of a bat.

Pennsylvania Dutch Traditional Style Furniture (1720-1830)

Now, it is furniture based on American style in combination with a few influences from Germany. Also, it’s chief characteristics are utilitarian simplicity and cases painted in colourful designs of folk painting.

Louis XVI (1760-1789) 

The style designed exclusively during the French Revolution for Marie Antionette. Further, this style drew inspiration from neoclassical design. Moreover, Louis XVI furniture features Greco-Roman influence and Straight lines. Also, from classical motifs and carved details.

Chippendale (1750-1790)

This style created in London by a small Cabinet maker. Further, there are images of Gothic, French and Chinese influences in the furniture. Also, Queen Anne style is visible in furniture. Additionally, Chippendale furniture’s characteristics are cabriole legs, ball, and claw feet.

What Does Traditional Style Furniture Look Like?
What Does Traditional Style Furniture Look Like?


It is named after the famous London designer George Hepplewhite. Further, it was much recognized in the early United States. Also, it’s characteristics are delicate appearance, legs which become narrow at ends and contrasting veneers and inlay.

Sheraton Traditional Style Furniture (1780-1820) 

It is named after the famous English designer George Sheraton, whose work resembles Hepplewhite but overlaps it.

Moreover, it’s features are straight lines, contrasting veneers, and simplicity.

Federal Style Furniture(1780-1820) 

 Federal furniture is a mixture of the Hepplewhite and Sheraton styles. Also, it is famous for its contrasting veneers, ornamentation, and gracefully straight lines.

Arts And Craft Style Furniture (1880-1910) 

They resemble the ideas of famous artist Willian Morris. Also, arts and craft furniture resemble the Arts and craft movement. Further, it’s primary characteristic is a simple utilitarian design.

Scandinavian Contemporary (1930-1950) 

 It originates from the European countries. Also, this design was famous in the early 20th century. Moreover, it features three tenets which are:

Firstly, tenets of functionality

Secondly, tenets of minimalism

Thirdly, tenets of Simplicity

Further, it incorporates a practical design made with natural, high-quality wood.

These were some types of traditional furniture. Thus, we hope that you liked these designs as much as we do. 

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