Wedding Home Decor – 3 – Vases and Flower Arrangements

Wedding Home Decoration Ideas

Flowers are always a must for any home decoration. Fresh flowers are extremely difficult to keep but have a very charming charm of their own and the entire home will surely be so fragrant day after day. So, if you are looking forward to decorating your wedding venue, look no further than the beautiful flowers that have been traditionally used in weddings. There are some great tips on which flowers to choose and some useful tips to get the best from these flowers.

Fresh Flower

Fresh flowers

While buying fresh flowers for the ceremony, there is no need to think of their color or variety. These days, most of the fresh flowers have been colored and designed to give the bride the bouquet that she would have loved in her day of wedding. If you want to have a traditional look for your wedding decorations, use fresh flowers.

Vase With Lilies

Most of the vase designs are inspired by the vase style of bouquets. In fact, one of the simplest vases to decorate for wedding purposes is the vase with the lilies. This vase can be very effective in giving the wedding venue a regal look. For example, the vase with the lilies can easily be used to display your photographs of your family and friends. They also look good with the green and white checkered border that is popular in traditional style.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers on base

For the decoration of the bridal room, you should not forget to decorate the rest of the rooms as well. You should use flower arrangements that will complement the flowers you used in your wedding. It does not only make sense to use flowers for your wedding, but also to use them to decorate your other rooms in your home.

Fruits And Candles

You may not think of using floral arrangement for your wedding decorations, but these can be very effective in creating an elegant look for your wedding decorations. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful way to decorate for your wedding venue, then consider the use of fruits and candles.


You can choose different styles and shapes of candelabras that suit the theme and design of your wedding. One of the best ways to use these candles is to hang them on the wall of the reception hall, while serving the food at the reception.

You can also use flowery vases and plant trees that will give the effect of a beautiful garden for the flowers used in the centerpieces and centerpiece decorations. Or you can also use vases with various flowers arranged in a way that makes a very good focal point. You can even use the vase to display a vase full of water and place candles in them.

Remember, flowers are very special decorations for wedding ceremonies. Use them wisely for a beautiful look.

Other wedding home decor ideas include the use of mirrors, picture frames, and decorative candles. All of these can give the bride and groom a royal look.

You can also use a table runner as part of your home decor for a more formal look. Or you can add some ornate candlesticks and picture frames on the walls of your wedding reception area.


One of the most important things that you need to remember when it comes to wedding home decor is that it should be both functional and pleasing to the eyes. Don’t overdo it and don’t overuse the colors.

So do spend some time and put some thought into your home decor for your wedding. After all, your wedding day is a day to share with your loved ones so make it memorable by decorating it in a style that is pleasing to you.

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