Wallpapers Not So Boring To Decorate Your Room


Are you bored with the monotony of the walls of your room? There are several ways you can turn your boring room walls into something exciting and eye-catching. If your room looks dull, it means that it is craving for shapes and dimensions. What is interesting is, it is not so difficult to achieve that. You just need a few exciting wallpapers to liven up your room. 

If you think, paint has covered all that is to be done; you can always go for textured wallpapers. Wallpapers are currently in trend, and there are endless options available in the market for you to choose from. You can go for natural weaves like bamboo and grasscloth, or use graphic floral and stripes to decorate your walls.

Wallpapers Not So Boring To Decorate Your Room
Wallpapers Not So Boring To Decorate Your Room

However, you should know that if you wallpaper your entire room, it will cost you a dime. What you can do avoid this is, pick an accent wall and use it to do the wallpapering. You can paint the other walls with a shade of color that compliments your wallpaper. If you are not a fan of wallpapers, you can also opt for fabrics on the wall.

Artwork Or Paintings

You can bring your room to life by decorating it with artworks. You have two options. Firstly, you can choose a large painting that covers the whole wall and acts a centerpiece of all attention, or you can select multiple pictures based on similar themes. However, if using artwork or painting to decorate your walls sounds like a costly plan, there are other options. One such option is picking a new fabric and using it to wrap the frames. It not only looks fantastic but is also very friendly on your pocket.


Woodwork is another excellent way to make your style statement. It holds, especially when you want to utilize a specific architectural style in your wallpapers. If you have a drill and a saw, it takes minimal effort to install. A popular woodwork material is Wainscoting. In British country style residences and cottages, we are more likely to find Beadboard.


You can get Moldings of all shapes and sizes. Within a matter of minutes, moldings can transform your room into a new place. Especially, Crown molding adds an ornate feel to a dull room. Plus, a chair rail can be used as a transition tool that separates the upper papered wall and lower Wainscoting.

Wallpapers Not So Boring To Decorate Your Room
Wallpapers Not So Boring To Decorate Your Room


You cannot forget the lighting when you are decorating your room. If you know how to use light as a tool, it will add new dimensions to your room. You can mix different kinds of lighting schemes in your room to make it as visual as possible. Table lamps or floor lamps can make a room look drab and dim. But then again, if you set up the lighting such that it is spread all across the room evenly, it will surely look plain. The trick here is to mix it up. There are different kinds of lighting, like overhead lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting, to name a few. Depending on the vibe you are aiming for, combine these in the right proportions.