Trending House Designs In 2019

Trending House Plans Designs In 2019

If you are now tired of the old house designing plans, you have to find some new ones. Check out these impressive house designs from new architects who have arranged everything in modern fashion. All these new house designs are now a trend in some countries and provide an amazing budget-friendly experience. Let’s sit back and look into these outstanding house plans to build your dream house.

Trending House Plans Designs In 2019
Trending House Plans Designs In 2019

Small Craftsman

Small craftsman house designs most of the time look small but also contain some high-end features. Vaulted ceilings are the main feature of this type of houses. Apart from that, the kitchen rooms look very comfortable and beautiful and can also contain a fireplace next to your living room. You might choose whether you want a basement or not, and decide the number of bedrooms from two to three. Overall, this can fit into your dream house list.

The Modern Farmhouse

If you are looking for something completely family-friendly, check out this modern farmhouse plan. It has enough space and rooms for your whole family including luxurious bedrooms. These also feature the ideal layouts for hosting guests and five-piece bathroom is also included. In the first floor there is a cozy house den which you can use as an office or an extra bedroom. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, a big bathroom, and another large bonus room.

Spacious Southern-Style Luxury

This house plan looks great with its spectacular front entrance and elegant Southern charm. When you take an entry, you will be welcomed by a grand staircase and then the plan goes on as you encounter an open-concept family room and kitchen. The kitchen and room are both highlighted by a coffered ceiling. The master bedrooms also have a walk-in shower. On the first floor, you can find a dining area with superb outdoor space. It also features a guest room and plenty of storage.

Modern Tiny Home

This modern home design is popular for its tiny and sleek curb appeal. It contains two bedrooms and they are perfect for small families. Customers love this kind of home plans because they are cute and tiny, a perfect place for a vacation. You can also plan to buy or design this house as a guest house. You can get plenty of space to enjoy the natural view and a pair of beautiful French doors welcome you at the front. Moreover, the cost will be of no factor because of the fact that natural light reflects all day in. At night, you can avail the pleasure of a warm and cozy fireplace.

Affordable Split

This is a must-see craftsman style bungalow that brings a completely new look to your neighborhood. This is a perfect house plan for welcoming guests which includes a kitchen, dining area, and a complete security system. Furthermore, additional bedrooms, bathrooms, a guestroom, and a children room are also included.

Trending House Plans Designs In 2019
Trending House Plans Designs In 2019

How much did you enjoy these outstanding house plans and which one among these is your favorite? Got any suggestion, do share it with us then!

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