Top Home Decoration Craft Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Been planning to decorate the home, but have no big budget? Want to take your art and crafty skills to the next level? Or simply bored at home? If yes, then DIY home decoration is an excellent option for you. However, no idea how and where to start? Well, fret not buddy, we are here to help you. Below you will explore some of the best and easiest home decoration craft ideas.

Fantastic Home Decoration Craft Ideas:

Rainbow Clock For The Kitchen:

This colorful kitchen clock is perfect to put some colors into your kitchen. Apart from that, it makes your boring and kitchen adorable. The best thing is that it is easy to create, and you need only a few items to make it. 

The items you will need are 13 different colors, glue, one wooden piece of any shape like square and circle, paint brushes, primer, and 12 wooden spoons. 

ShoeBox For Wall Decoration:

Having lots of useless shoe boxes in your storeroom? If yes, then this home decor idea is for you. The reason being, you can create attractive wall art pieces using show boxes. 

Moreover, you can add spirit to your dining room by converting these useless cartons into art pieces! And the best thing is you need not to be a pro to create this. 

Furthermore, you can create this art piece with only limited items. Let’s look at the items below:

·         Primer

·         Old shoeboxes

·         Colors you like

·         White spray paint

·         Marker

·         A cardboard piece

What You Need To Do:

·         Use spray paint to fill the shoeboxes. Keep it aside for a few minutes and let it dry. 

·         Keep the cardboard piece on the shoe box and use the marker or sketch pen to mark the edges. 

·         You can also use a tap to trace the edges.

·         Lastly, create your design in different colors. 

Switchboard Art:

When it comes to the easiest ways to add fun into the home, switchboard art comes first. It is easy to do and perfect to show your creativity. 

So,  friends, think out of the box and convert your imagination into creativity. Let’s look at the simplest idea!

Things You Require:

·         Small and big scissor

·         Printout of a structure

·         Foam paper or a hardboard

·         Glue

What To Do:

1.Use a design print that you like

2. Now use glue to stick the print of the design on foam board or hardboard. This adds height and dimension to the structure and looks alluring. You can use any color board according to you. 

3. Cut the corners of the shape well. 

4. Paste the shape just above the switchboard. 

Heart Wall Hanging Art Pieces:

Want to give some romantic and cute touch to the walls? Well, these little heart wall hanging pieces are best for you. They are quick and easy to make and good looking. Moreover, the great thing is you can create them with leftover papers or wallpaper. 

Final Thoughts:

These are the best and easiest home decoration craft ideas. So, try them at home and surprise your friends and family.

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