Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home


The top 10 home design décor is knocking at your front door. We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the saying that goes something like: Home is where it is sweetest. In other versions, the sentence is shorter by a few words. Nonetheless, they mean the same thing. And the same is true with your home. The very literal and physical home.

We won’t be tackling the deeper meaning of “home” being a feeling, even a person, and not necessarily a place. But for this post, we want to shed light on the place where you find shelter under a roof, four walls (more, for others)… the place where you reside.

Before giving you a glimpse into the kaleidoscope that is our top 10 home design décor list, here are a few tips on how to beautify your home effortlessly.

Top 10 Home Design Décor: Practical Home Beautification

Light. Light is an important factor in making your living space look warm and inviting. Before thinking of what décor to add here and what centerpiece to put on there (take a look at our list below for this), the way light hits spaces and corners in every room plays a huge part in beautifying them.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Check your windows, window shades and yes, your curtains. Windows not be blocked by furniture. They shouldn’t be covered by too-thick curtains as well. For the first, it’s simple. Move furniture aside to shine the spotlight (another use of the word of the day) on those glass and window panes. As for the latter, tie up those drapes in creative ways to let the sunshine in when the sun’s out.

Mirror the place up. You’ve probably heard about this before. If not, we’re glad you’re hearing it first from us. Mirrors have the effect of making a room appear larger than it really is. Call if a non-DIY space enlarger. You won’t exactly be doing some demolishing to literally create more room. But a reflector will have the same aesthetic effect.

Top 10 Home Design Décor: Another Tip You Shouldn’t Miss

Carpet Diem! A play on the actual adage, “Carpe Diem.” No? I tried. So, yes. Carpets. They’re a way of softening the overall feel of a space. Choose a part of a room that acts as a “center.” Not necessarily the center by measurement, but by means of where people usually gather.

This could mean the coffee table in the living room that’s surrounded by couches. A carpet is a way of decorating that specific area without adding bulk to the existing decorations there.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s go straight into it… our top 10 home design décor.

Top 10 Home Design Décor:

1. Constellation Wall Art Canvas

Set your gaze on the… stars. Waxing poetic, much? Yeah. A little. But having the galaxy, a part of it, strewn across your four walls is an absolutely majestic way to spruce things up. And with no ornament, not a piece of furniture added to what you already have set up.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

The constellation wall art canvas is framed exquisitely so that they are able to match any theme and any wall color. Installation is easy because all you need to do is hang it where you think it can stand out the most. A blank wall. An area right above your study/ work desk.

To add to this, each canvas’ print is made to last. It can be hung for a long period of time and it will retain its original hue and tone. Fade-aways? Not this, folks.

2. Artificial Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai is known to be an emblem of oneness and of harmony with one’s self and one’s surroundings. However, not having a green thumb, or perhaps having the desire to cultivate such an elegant plant but not having the time to do the work, is a hindrance.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Why not have an artificial Bonsai tree instead? You won’t have to exert effort and use up time to maintain it. In fact, there’s nothing it will require for you to do except maybe to wipe it clean every once in a while.

It has the same look, with an almost-identical likeness to a real Bonsai plant. Only, it doesn’t need sunshine and water. It’s because of this very feature that makes it adaptable to any environment. Inside your home or on the terrace, on your office desk and elsewhere.

With 8 colors to choose from, you can collect them all.

3. Modern Design 3D LED Wall Clock

Time is… no. I am not going to use that cliché and say “gold.” It is, however, more valuable than gold. It’s a value in itself, time. And for one who has much on his or her plate and always wants to be on top of things, a clock is an absolute must for home décor.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

It’s not even merely for decoration but to keep you on your toes and on schedule. What better way to do that than with a modern design 3D LED wall clock? It has the right amount of light emission for you to see it visibly during the day as well as at night.

Plus, it’s LED. This wall clock’s environment-friendly. That, and it’s modern and trendy design gives a chic vibe to where you set this timekeeper.

4. Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Chandeliers are too blue blood-expensive? Unfortunately, yes. That’s true. Rather, it was. These modern crystal chandeliers have that intricate and splendiferous design these ceiling lights are known for. Alternately, what we have on this list is much less costly.

You can finally have this crystal – glass light fixture that was once thought to be an ornament fit only for royalty. Well, as much as you and I are concerned, you’re as royal as can be.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Its bulbs are easy to maintain and replace as they’re universally sized. An awesome compromise. The design is unique and maintenance is more simple than you’d think.

These chandeliers have their own unique make that is extraordinarily detailed. It’ll definitely be a highlight of your home and a wonderful way to add grace and luxury to the aesthetic of your home.

5. Sandstone Sculpt Figurines

A tip we want you to know when it comes to interior decorating is that sometimes, distinct items make the difference. Pieces of art that are different in design and in hue compared to the rest of the décor around the house. These elevate a room’s look, and in an incomprehensible way, pull everything together despite it (them) being the odd ones out, so to speak.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Creative and oddly effective, isn’t it? Thus, following that formula, here’s our take on it. These sandstone-sculpt figurines are art on a level of their own. No matter the room-motif, they’ll stand out bewitchingly. Yet are subtle so that they’re not too over-the-top.

Set them up on desks, bookshelves, coffee tables, and so on. More than this, they can be used as book stoppers and file weights as well.

6. Thick Luxury Wavy Striped Curtains

We’ve mentioned earlier that windows are a way to improve how space looks because of light and lighting. On the other hand, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t pay attention to curtains and curtain design. You should. True, you’ll be trying them up to let the sunshine in.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

In lieu of this, when you need to drape the curtains down because the sunshine becomes too enthusiastic, or it’s the time of day when the stars come out, then they need to be in coherence with the rest of the interior décor.

You don’t need to open a different page. This is it, right here. Thick luxury wavy striped curtains. They have a tasteful print in neutral colors so that they are a highlight in themselves. And still neutral enough that they won’t be too out-of-place in terms of blending in with the rest of the decorations it’s surrounded by.

7. Wooden Waterlily Lotus Coasters

Do you get annoyed by those round stains under mugs that end up on your furniture? I have to admit, I do. If you’re like me and you very much want to preserve your furniture and not have it ruined over time by mere coffee circles, then coasters are the way to go.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Not just any kind of coaster. Wooden waterlily lotus coasters. They do the work of making sure those stains don’t stick to your coffee and dining tables. At the same time, they’re made of natural wood, letting them have that Earthy, organic impression.

This very material is what allows them to be versatile in terms of being used as trimmings. Whether you have a modern set up, country and homey, nature-esque, etc. These lotus coasters will suit these setups well.

8. Self-Adhesive 3D Foam Border Wallpaper Sticker

Stylish home revamping doesn’t mean leaving your pockets dry. Not at all. You can achieve excellent refurbishing in a cost-effective way by being smart about how to do it. That’s what we think of when it comes to the self-adhesive 3D foam border wallpaper sticker.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Hiring a carpenter or woodworker to nail in wooden borders to your walls isn’t going to be cheap. So if you’re on a budget but are really bent on restyling your space, try this. You can even DIY it. They’re stickers and that’s how you’ll stick them on. Slowly peel off the backing and carefully place them on their respective spots.

Further, they’re made of PVC foam which means they’re very durable and are resistant to corrosion and fading. They’re also easy to clean.

9. 3-Dimension Mirror For Make-Up

Glamming up isn’t only for glamorous you. It’s also for your make-up area. Or at least, space where you do your me-time and… well, glam up. You might not have thought much about it but even the small devices we use can act as ornaments in themselves.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Take the 3-dimensional mirror for make-up as an example. It’s very useful in that it’s a make-up mirror. At the same time, its design is purposeful because it can put some spice in. Spice to how your room looks like. It’s an added décor if you will

10. PVC Transparent Tablecloth

Nobody wants to have icky food stains mark their territory on your dining tablecloth. Often, food and drink stains are tough to wash off. Also, having to change a table cover every now and then is a hassle we all want to skip.

Top 10 Home Design Décor To Beautify Your Home

Therefore, cover your table with the PVC transparent tablecloth. Its transparent make allows you to still use the tablecloth you want to while protecting it from dirt and grime. PVC plastic is convenient to clean and is hardwearing in terms of being able to retain is quality through repeated usage.