The Modern Frameless Wall Clock, Easy to Install and Enjoying the Happy Time of DIY with Your Family

Your home or office will look gracious with these classical-designed 3D wall clock stickers. It is easy to install and you will have fun with your family while doing the DIY. The big acrylic mirror in the center of the clock will attract everyone’s attention and no one will forget this timepiece for the rest of their lives. This is the must-have implementation for your living room or office. 

About Classical 3D Wall Clock

This beautiful 3D wall clock in the center of your living room or your office will inspire you to walk side by side with the time and you will learn the value of time. The big acrylic mirror’s shine will shine in your place too. And the best part is it will not harm your wall and it is a last long service as it is made from stainless steel. 

Pros of Classical 3D Wall Clock

  • This lovely wall decor comes at very affordable prices between $26.63 to $35.63. 
  • The body of the watch is made up of high-quality stainless steel. 
  • The weight of the watch is 400g which gives you the idea that the sustainability of the wall is long-lasting. 
  • The acrylic mirror will attract everyone’s attention and it looks so beautiful at the center of the home or office. 
  • Your home or office will look refreshing and charming after the installation of this Classical 3D Wall Clock. 
  • You can watch time from any corner of your room as it is big and 3D. 
  • It is non ticking timepiece so that it gives you the peaceful environment at night time.
  • You can create your own unique wall clock as DIY. 
  • It will looks good to give someone this wall clock as a gift. It will earns you a lot of admirations.
  • It is easy to install and a DIY is fun to do. 
  • Your walls will remain harmless. 
  • You can choose from three different color choices. 
  • The numbers are in Roman numbers which gives the clock a very unique and interesting look. 

Cons of Classical 3D Wall Clock

You can hardly find any drawbacks to this beautiful product. This wall clock is just perfect for your home or office. It gives your place a very stunning and admirable look. And it is easy to attach and durable. So there are no such cons in this lovely timepiece. 


If you want to update yourself and your home or office, you must have to install this classical 3D Wall clock. And let no one forget the value of time with this 3D clock posted in the center of your room. You will be inspired every day with this amazing decorative 3D Wall clock. It is more like a modern frame than a wall clock and it is easy to install.

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