Quick Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

Diwali is referred to as the festival of lights and brings happiness to each and everyone’s home. To be honest, this is not at all going to be about ideas and rangoli. You can find ideas and rangoli everywhere on the net with a single click. This post will be about something special, a spark factor, something which will make your arena more attractive and commendable. Here are some of the most attractive and satisfying Diwali home decoration ideas which I would love to try at my home.

Hang The Lights Around Doors And Windows

Most people prefer hanging the lights outside the window, but I prefer hanging them inside through the window and door; it adds a bit of gesture to the room and makes you feel superior.

Hang The Lights Around The Mirror

This one works well when hanging through the mirror as it gives a mesmerizing and lightning reflection.

It can also make you feel like a Disney character.

Hang The Lights As Curtains Or On The Curtains

I prefer hanging the lights as curtains as it gives a lowish glow to the rooms and enhances the ambiance.

Now, it would automatically make your room look festive.

Make A Light Chandelier

You can easily find about making a chandelier from lights on youtube. Hang it on the wall above the dining table and enhance the beauty of your home.

Make A Sweet And Simple Flower Curtain

A flower curtain will enhance the color vibe of your room, and it will look pretty.

You can use your favorite flowers of your color choice and match them according to the lighting and colors of your room.

Make A Wall Hanging With Flower

If you want to make this, then do this with total dedication, take a wooden rod, paint it in your color preference, and hang the flowers of your color choice.

Further, it can also work great if lights are also attached to the flowers.

Hang Flower Garlands With Balloons

Attach flower garlands with the string of balloons and let the balloons float in the air. Make sure that the garlands are of different lengths so that they can provide a natural ambiance.

You can also attach lights to the garland, and this will look better.

Make Flower Chandeliers

Just like you made a light chandelier, attach flowers to it and make a combination of both of them. Or you can also make only a flower chandelier. Try choosing bright colors.

Choosing a good color always matters; your chandelier would take a completely different look depending on the color and types of flowers you choose.

Hang Paper Lanterns

Take paper lanterns of different colors and hang them in rows with different matching color lights.

Further, this would give a royal feel, and you can also make a scheme according to which lanterns can be hanged.


These were some of the best ideas that I would love to try, and I would try new ideas every year. I hope this one helps you choose the best.

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