Modern Architecture House: Some Interesting Characteristics

“Modern architecture” houses are now emerging to be very interesting and affordable for living. As the new century started, architectures started to build design with new-age utilities. It was not using any more ornamentations or useless plans. Instead, it was more about efficiency and optimization. It was more geometric and simple with linear patterns. The concept of skyscraper came for the optimization of geometric patterns. The materials also changed to cheap and reversible ones like steel, plain glass, TMT bars, etc. Some famous modern architects who made a distinguished style in the 19th and 20th centuries are Ludwig Mies, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, etc. Modern architecture gave birth to a large group of almost similar looking houses, and that was the concept behind skyscrapers and multi complexes.

As the population started to grow massively, big houses and villas became obsolete. Imagine a villa for 10-12 people max, but the same land can be transformed into a multiplex with almost 200 people to live there comfortably. This idea clicked like a massive hit, and it first started in Europe, like all other things. And then it spread over the entire United States and other significant countries.

modern architecture
modern architecture

Modern Architecture Characteristics

You can find some unusual advanced architecture characteristics on this list. The contemporary architecture uses very minimal ornamentation in its design. The main reason for that is the space crunch of recent times; the minimum space doesn’t allow the architect to go for that. Instead, it encourages optimization of every square foot available. Basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, ovals are mostly available in the design.

Vertical and horizontal lines overlap with each other for pattern drama. Concrete blocks and steel columns are the finishing material well chosen for designers. It increases the space and gives them an airy look too. The modern design encourages old materials like wood, stone, etc. for aesthetic value, but they are only for decoration. To give it a natural feeling, designers sometimes use stained wood. It also emphasizes the modern art culture of the house.

modern architecture
modern architecture

Some More Facts

Plain white or plain reflected glass is the essence of modern architecture now. Many times they allow you to enjoy breathtaking views and landscapes or give an illusional effect with mirrors. And glass also is a lightweight ad interesting decorating material. If cut correctly, they are shiny, too, which provides a glossy look to your dream architecture. We are not only talking about mirrors here; more inclusion of glass is one of the main features of modern art.

Light controlling is another feature. Sometimes light makes your room appear more flowy and spacious, and occasionally large sunroofs protect you from heat. The application of light can make a place narrower or broader. It is another scientific aspect of designers. They are emphasizing hugely in modern architecture. The proper windy flow in your house is another aspect you should look forward too. The main mantra is to live in small spaces yet comfortably.

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