Living Room Decor Ideas From Scratch

Living Room Decor Ideas From Scratch

Moving into your very first apartment is big. So is the to-do list, especially if you’re decorating from scratch — and on a budget. Before doing anything, make sure you change your address with the USPS. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to think about decorating your new apartment. These apartment decorating ideas come with a basic shopping list to get you started. The list focuses on the elements in each room that create the biggest bang for your budget.

There are a couple of elements you should consider adding to every room in the apartment. They’re affordable, and they make a big difference in the look of the room.

General shopping list for your new apartment:

  • Window treatments for each room
  • Two lighting fixtures per room

Window Treatments

Nothing makes a room look unfinished faster than bare windows. Not to mention, you’ll be lacking in privacy. Whether you go with blinds or simple curtains and a curtain rod, make sure to add window treatments to each room in your new apartment. Don’t know what kind to buy? Choose a simple neutral shade. You can always add a second curtain panel in a geometric print or bold color.

Lighting Fixtures

Swapping out boring, basic light fixtures can make a huge difference in how your room looks and functions. Some lighting fixture ideas include:

  • Pendant lights
  • A more stylish, replacement overhead light fixture
  • Wall sconces
  • Table lamps
  • A floor lamp
  • Battery-powered, LED under-cabinet lighting

As a rule of thumb, try to have two different light sources in each room. For example, add a floor lamp and an overhead light fixture in your living room, a table lamp and a pendant in your bedroom and an overhead light fixture and under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

Buy all of the fixtures at once to create a sense of flow in the apartment. If you’re handy, you can install them yourself. Or if you prefer not to work with electricity, call an electrician.

Narrow Table, Cabinet Or Bench

If you have a designated entryway, then this will be your entryway focal point and the catch-all for keys, handbags, and mail. A narrow item will keep the area from feeling closed-in. Look for a piece that has additional storage like drawers, shelves or cabinets. If you need a place to sit and remove or put on your shoes, consider adding a bench that can work as an entry table and dressing bench. Choose one with storage or one with tall legs where you can tuck in baskets for shoes and other objects.

Wall Hooks

Add a series of wall hooks or a wall rack in your entryway to organize jackets and backpacks. If you have lots of smaller items like umbrellas and hats, hang a canvas bag on one of the hooks to hold them.

Living Room Decor Ideas From Scratch
Living Room Decor Ideas From Scratch

TV Cabinet

A media or TV cabinet is a great furniture piece to include in your initial living room decorating plan, even if you wall-mount your TV. It adds storage to your living room for more than just your media. Choose a narrow style with plenty of shelves, doors and drawers for optimal usage of space.

Living Room Decor Ideas From Scratch
Living Room Decor Ideas From Scratch

These living room decor ideas are surely going to help you when you are shifting into your new apartment.

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