Interesting Retro Theme Bedroom Design Ideas


When in doubt – going with a classic is always fashionable, especially when dealing with how to decorate a room. Although you could pay an interior decorator a whole lot of moolah is to be expected. He checks out the space and do all the grunt work for you (and if that’s your thing, no judgment). However, instead of seeking professional help, just flip through the pages of old, retro magazines you could find in a thrift store.

When it comes to your bedroom, it should be fun, comfortable, and above all completely you. If you’re having a hard time trying to find ideas for an authentic, retro bedroom you can call your own, we’ve rounded up a few images that may steer you in the right direction.

Checkout the list of interesting retro theme bedroom ideas that will inspire you for sure.

Time Travel

It’s almost as if you’ve been transported back in time for a stay at grandma and grandpa’s house, but without the strange conversation and sometimes weird smells. Not only this bedroom is comforting (just check out that teak ottoman) but it’s truly beautiful. This is a perfect example of taking it back, without losing any sort of modern flair. Everything from the mahogany woodwork to the flowered bedspread makes this setup a delightful blast from the past.

Interesting Retro Theme Bedroom Design Ideas
Interesting Retro Theme Bedroom Design Ideas

Bohemian Look

Everything in it screams Bohemia with these unique, handcrafted designs. I love the use of art behind the bed in place of a traditional headboard. The drum set night stands are incredible. This would be the perfect bedroom for a young adult or someone who is just young at heart. Most of the work with this bedroom would be having to find these truly unique color tones and patterns to fill the space without making it too different from the rest.

Bring Back The 70s’

The high ceilings, the gorgeous and super detailed mural above, the tassels on the ottoman, etc. The use of iconic colors like olive green, gold, and rosy pink definitely makes this a retro-inspired bedroom any fan of the era would love.

HipHop Style

The woodwork in this setup is truly beautiful – everything from the dressers to the bedframe. The hardwood floor is a perfect base for the funky retro patterned carpet and the more subdued but still delightfully retro bedspread. The curtain pattern matching the throw pillows is a great touch.

Funky Look

This would be perfect for a more masculine take on bedroom décor, since it is minimalist without any business or bold colors. Although that could be argued due to the heavy use of black in the room, however the mustard yellow and beige cut the effect (quite literally) in half. I absolutely love the wicker chair in the corner. Using wicker in a room like this would definitely transport guests back in time since wicker was used so often.

Flower Look

The ‘70s era seems to come back more often than other time periods. I think it’s because of the peace and love that draws people back in. This room is fit for the young hippie in your life. The way the bedspread and wall paper match is truly incredible. This had to come from a set, unless someone was just really great at matching patterns and colors.

Interesting Retro Theme Bedroom Design Ideas
Interesting Retro Theme Bedroom Design Ideas

These are some of the interesting bedroom design ideas that you can adapt from the retro design.