How To Set A Dinner Table Formally

How To Set A Dinner Table Formally

You can misplace plates, flatware, napkins, and glassware when you set a dinner table hurriedly. Therefore, don’t stress yourself when you have dinner plans with your friends or relatives. It can lead you to the wrong placement of the dinner plates, which doesn’t look right.

However, a successful dinner comes down to the small details of the dinner table and the quality of the service. Most people don’t know that cooking also is one of the arts. Hosting a dinner or event at home is a very challenging task for most people.

The host cooks the dishes and tries to make the guests pleasant at home. However, there might be several dishes for you to cook but set a table correctly no matter what the recipe is.

How To Set A Dinner Table Formally
How To Set A Dinner Table Formally

Check out how to set a dinner table at home:

Setting A Basic Dinner Table

You should know how to set a dinner table routinely. Moreover, it is nothing but a basic dinner table, which means getting things ready for everyday dining at home. For establishing a basic dinner table, you need a dinner plate, a glass, napkin, placemat, and cutlery.

Instruction To Set A Dinner Table

  • Initially, lay the placemat on the dinner table
  • Then again, put the plate in the middle of the placemat. While placing your plate, the edges of the placemat should be visible; this can look perfect on the table.
  • Lay the napkin to the left of your dinner plate
  • Then again, place the fork on the towel.
  • Next, to the right side of the plate, you need to place the knife. However, the blade pointing should be in and closest to the plate. Now, place the spoon to the right of the knife
  • Finally, place the glass above the plate, which comes between the utensils and the plate.
How To Set A Dinner Table Formally
How To Set A Dinner Table Formally

Setting A Formal Dinner Table

As cooking is one of the arts, people can be entertained and impressed people with the way of your service, too. One of the foremost things you need to do is to take the time to set a dinner table formally. Although the formal dinner table can be a challenging task, it is not that hard when you know how to set a formal table.


  • Lay a tablecloth on the dinner table
  • Now, set the charger at each seat of your dinner table.
  • Then again, place the soup bowl in the center of the charger. Place the bread plate left of it.
  • When it comes to the left of the charger, keep the cloth napkin. Check out this Diamond Napkin Ring Decoration, which can look luxurious and grand ambiance to your guests. Moreover, it looks a simple way as these rings are well-made for dinner events.
  • Now, keep the salad fork and dinner fork to the left of the charger plate. Now, it looks good when you put the forks on the napkin or tablecloth.
  • Then again, place the knife to the right of the charger plate and spoon for the soup. Next, place the butter knife above the bread plate with the blade facing inwards.
  • Next, place the dessert spoon to the right above the charger. Then again, you need to keep the glass above the knife.
  • You can place salt and pepper shakers right above the dessert spoon, or you can place them near to the center of the dinner table.
  • Finally, some people use the place card in the dinner event, if you are using it, and then place it above the dessert spoon.
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