How To Make A Home More Sustainable

How to Make a Home More Sustainable

Priorities of people change gradually. People are no longer interested in fancy water fountains and a stylish look. Sustainability is the new criteria to attract people who want to buy a new home.  Electric charging facilities, low-flow toilets, multipaned windows are some things people fascinate about these days. 61% of people wish sustainability along with multiple features in their homes, according to a 2018 survey. Irrespective of age, people prefer to save money for the future, save energy, and save water. That mentality shows sustainability. Increasing just 5-10% of the total budget, homeowners can make a more sustainable home. Let us discuss ten tips to build a more sustainable home.


You have control over the size of your home.  Building a smarter and smaller home optimizing resources to the fullest and without sacrificing happiness is the key.  According to architect Duo Dickinson, need analysis and a more modest home should be the approach. Another architect Nick Rosen is always against the overutilization of land.

How to Make a Home More Sustainable
How to Make a Home More Sustainable

Embodied Energy

Steffen Lehman says it is the total energy consumption by all the processes. The process includes producing, mining, manufacturing, transporting, and delivery. Simple construction, local raw material, and regional labor would be best. In case of any defects, the homemaker can exchange or repair it quickly, if you use local materials.

Insulation And Heating

According to architect Nathan Kipnis, the first step for the homeowner is to conduct an energy audit to gauge efficiency. The second step should be air sealing of the house. You can do it by caulking gaps around doors and windows. The next step is improving the basement, attic, and wall. According to Kipnis, an updated heating and cooling system for a home is a must. 

Landscaping And Water Use

Sustainable choices will require less water, says Michael Glassman. Drip irrigation, native plants, and permeable pavers require a minimal amount of water. Apart from water paring, planting large shade trees won’t allow sunlight to fall on the room. As a result, you may not require an AC.

Solar Panels

Though electricity from solar energy is not a new concept, people use it less due to high taxation on system costs. The current tax rate is 30 %, and it will go down to 26%, 22%, and 10 % in the upcoming years. Solar systems can produce enough energy for a household to survive. Also, the cost of battery storage is decreasing day by day. The focus of the homeowner should be continuous improvement. Some people complain that solar panels reduce the beauty of a house. However, if it gives you an ample amount of energy and saves your cost, then you should use it.

How to Make a Home More Sustainable
How to Make a Home More Sustainable

Lights; More Sustainable

Natural daylight saves your cost in the daytime. But at night time, we prefer artificial LED lights. It cuts down your cost and gives desirable brightness. The best part is the sun doesn’t harm your eyes.


A well-connected plumbing system throughout your house is a crucial feature to build a more sustainable home. However, it would be best if you made your dining hall basin, kitchen dishwasher, toilet flush, and bathroom shower for using water wisely and figuratively. Moreover, inclusion of front-load washing machines, low-flow toilets, and showers will be a good move towards sustainability.

Nontoxic, Natural Materials Sustainable

Make a green layer across your house by planting trees. Instead of using an artificial water purifier, make a greener atmosphere to get natural fresh air. Additionally, homeowners can use natural materials like wool-carpeting, bamboo, and wood showpieces.

Check out this 3-Dimensional Mirror For Make-Up, which is more sustainable material. However, it is a fabulous mirror to be given to your mother and loved ones. Moreover, you can make them feel comfortable and beautiful.

Transportation And Walkability

Try to lessen the dependability of vehicles. However, if your destination is 1-2 km, then walk the distance or use the bicycles. Moreover, build charging stations if you have an electric car. Sometimes, take public transportation or share the car with your friends. As a result, C02 emission to the environment will be less.

Recycle; More Sustainable

Recycling is the best way to achieve sustainability. Do not use plastic at all, if possible. Replace your plastic bottle with a glass bottle. Then again, in case you use plastic, make sure you return it after use for recycling instead of throwing it. Some companies will pay you if you give them a certain amount of recyclable wastes.

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