Home Wedding: 10 Simple Ways To Decorate

10 Simple Ways Of House Decoration At A Wedding

When it comes to wedding decoration, we all want something remarkable and outstanding that day. When the wedding reception is held at your home, there are plenty of opportunities to make it more attractive. People with a tight budget might wonder how to decorate your house in the best way. In that case, you can stick to the budget and at the same time make your house look beautiful and powerful. So let’s discover some awesome house decoration plans for a wedding.

10 Simple Ways Of House Decoration At A Wedding
10 Simple Ways Of House Decoration At A Wedding

Make An Escort Card Display

You can create an escort card table but better to create a board of assignments and place them near the entrance door. It will look better and your guests won’t glare at the small tended cards too.

Patterned Pillows

If you have a reception in an area in your house and have a couch as furniture, bring out some patterned pillows. Various colors of pillows will make the reception area look more beautiful. You can also use plain pillows and cover them with any type of pattern fabric.

Hang The Flowers

Flowers are not just for decorating your table they can fit literally everywhere. Hang them just above your guests’ dinner table so that when people look up, they will be amazed.

Chalk Board Sign

You can find chalkboards in a variety of jazz clubs and pubs because they look good. Personalize it with your favorite frame or old painting and decorate it with greenery or flowers for beautiful wedding decoration.

Table Lamps Create Beauty

Flowers on the dinner table is now a traditional fashion. Instead, use table lamps that would create height and beauty at the same time. If you are worried about the cords, you can use green leaves or flowers to hide them.

Coloring Glassware

Don’t spend all your wedding decoration budget into the entire reception. Save something up for the other things too. Decorate your tables with coloring glassware that will make a great impact on the dinner table.

Calligraphed Menus

Rather than using plain fonts, use calligraphy on your menus and escort cards. There are so many beautiful calligraphy available and you can also hire a designer for that. No worries if it does not fall within your budget, you can still hire fresher students to test out their skills.

Create A Family Photo Wall

A wall of family wedding photos will bring back lots of memories and they also act as a conversation starter. It is a great idea if you can execute it properly.

Photo Backdrops

Make a stunning focal point that will serve as a photo backdrop. You can use green leaves, flowers, balloons, colorful tissue paper, etc to make it look great and enjoyable.

10 Simple Ways Of House Decoration At A Wedding
10 Simple Ways Of House Decoration At A Wedding

These few wedding decoration ideas are enough to make the day enjoyable and beautiful. However, in case you are looking for something more extraordinary, have a look at the bonus tip below.

House Decoration Tip For Wedding: Use Woods

Wooden chairs and tables look more beautiful and premium than the plastic ones. You can go for folding chairs to lower the price point.

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