Ganesh Decoration Ideas for Home

ganesh decoration ideas for home

With Ganesh Chaturthi arriving, you must be all excited to decorate your home for the upcoming festival. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion in India. This festival falls in the month of August or September. It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. People bring Ganesha idols at home or in temples and worship the idols for 10 days followed by an immersion ceremony on the 11th day. Some people even set up huge pandals on the streets or gardens for Ganpati. This festival is celebrated with greater devotion in Maharashtra in India. Here we have some interesting ways in which you can decorate your home for the festival.

Buying Ganesha Idol


Beautiful Ganpati idols start flooding the markets 10 – 15 days before the festival. It is a good idea to select your idol in advance else you might have to compromise. You can always bring the idol later on the day as per the religious customs. Devotees believe that idol should be brought at home only on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi to signify his birth date. Select an idol according to the space you have at home.



Plan your décor and complete it a day before Ganesh Chaturthi. Choose from different themes such as peacock feather theme, floral theme or any such other theme and collect all the decoration items beforehand. While choosing a backdrop, choose a theme or a color that enhances the effect of the idol kept in front and not something that overpowers it. Remember, the idol should be the centre of attraction. Choose a place at home that is not too congested as you will have a lot of guests coming over to seek divine blessings.

Decoration Ideas

  • Floral Décor

When you have chosen flowers as your theme for décor, you will need a lot of flowers of different colors. You can separate the petals of some flowers and keep some intact. First you need to decorate the place where you are going to sit the idol. Make a string of flowers with a needle and thread. You can choose only one color or a combination of flowers for the string. Next, entwine the string on the on the backdrop to create a design. Choose a different flower for the backdrop and put flower petals on the floor. Decorate Lord Ganesha with floral accessories. Floral decoration requires a lot of minute detailing and has to be done fresh on the day itself else the flowers will wither.

  • LED Lights

A décor looks enchanting and impactful only when it is lit properly. LED lights are an easily available option which are also very cost-effective. These are also available in vivid patterns, colors and styles.

  • Make Rangoli

Colorful Rangolis are a personification of our Indian culture. Many houses in South India draw a Rangoli every morning outside the entrance of their houses after they have finished cleaning the house. They believe that Lords and Goddesses enter a house with a beautiful Rangoli at the doorsteps.

These are some unique Ganesh decoration ideas for home.

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