Fun And Interesting Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

mandir decoration ideas at home

Are you looking for some fresh creative and innovative ideas to decorate your home? Then look no further as we are here to provide you with some of the most creative yet simple and cost effective ways to decorate your home with traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan. The use of these handicrafts has been going on for ages in almost every princely state in India like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Orchha, Bikaner, Aurangabad, Chittorgarh, etc. The use of wooden carvings, wall hangings, wall tapestries, wall paintings, etc forms an integral part of the Rajasthani culture. Even today, this traditional and age-old craft is still prevalent in almost every royal household in India as it serves as a great source of income for many artisans and craftsmen who make these products as their full time occupation.

Mandir Decoration Ideas At Home

Decoration Ideas

But one thing that has become a bit of a problem is the sheer variety and huge range of these handicrafts that are available these days. A simple search online and you will find countless numbers of articles on various articles on Rajasthani pottery, wooden carvings, wall hangings, wall tapestries, etc. Thus, it becomes quite difficult for the person who wants to decorate his/her house or home with these traditional items to actually find the right and fresh creative ideas. However, if you use the Rajasthani art board thermocol craft patterns as a starting point, then you will certainly be able to find more than enough unique and creative ideas that can suit and fit into your requirements and tastes perfectly.

Rajasthani Pottery And Wooden Carvings

Decoration Ideas

Let us start first with the simple and popular games board that is found in almost every household. You will be surprised to see the variation and wide variety in designs available in ganesh pattern. You will also find several different materials that are used to manufacture these. The most popular material that is used these days is the clay that is heated till it becomes soft. It is then beaten and mixed with water, oil and sugar till it becomes thin and malleable.

Beautiful Handmade Decorative Pieces

This is then rolled and shaped into any shape and size using cotton or textile thread. These are then decorated using silk flowers, embroidered golden threads and other materials. These beautiful handmade decorative pieces can definitely add some very exclusive and soothing aura and magical fragrance to any room or home. If you are looking for some really fascinating ganesh chaturthi decoration ideas, ganesh chaturthi works as a perfect source of information as these have all the basic designs and shapes that are generally included in the making of these beautiful handcrafted creations. They also come in a wide variety of color combinations and styles.

If you want to use cotton fabrics for making these beautiful decorative pieces then you should definitely start off with cotton fabrics like Terry cloth, organza, voile and cotton. As far as the design pattern of the handcrafted piece is concerned then you will have an array of choice to make. For example, you could either use a plain or printed ganpati pattern. However, if you choose to make a rather more complex design then you can use either printed or plain printed fabric as well as the materials mentioned above to make it possible. Basically this type of decoration is called ganpati khandha.

Opt For A Glass Panel

However, if you are interested in adding a little bit more color to your home decoration then you can opt for a glass panel as a part of your ganpati khandha. There are many websites online that offer glass panels. You just need to look out for the right one to buy. There are many sites that also offer other types of ganpati decorations at home. There are some that even provide stencils and paint brushes. You can definitely find a good variety of designs online.

 Wall Hangings Or Banners

You can choose to make your own wall hangings or banners as well. These things are known as daruks in the language of Urdu. The word marks means “banners” and in Urdu they are used to indicate a gathering of people. This is why the meaning of the word as well as the name “mandir” means” banners”.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the possible home decoration ideas. You can also search the internet for more information. You can make use of various traditional methods as well as modern techniques to decorate your home. If you are interested in making home-decorations for the entire family then you should certainly look out for some unique and creative ideas that will make your home beautiful.

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