French Country Decorating Ideas for Your Home

country decorating ideas

If you yearn for the relaxed feeling that country decorating offers, look no farther than farmhouse decorating. You can really make a cozy, welcoming space that is charming and inviting at the same time. Country decorating can take you right out of simple to dramatic Fancy, making it extremely easy to add just a touch of country charm to your room with the perfect accents. When done well, country decorating can add tremendous value to any home.

One of the wonderful things about country decorating ideas is that they are very versatile. For instance, you can choose to keep your interior in soft pastel colours or bright and bold colours that can either complement or contrast with your furnishings and walls. The colours you use in your interior and exterior will greatly impact how you feel and the level of enjoyment you get from your home. Another great thing about this type of decorating style is that you can use a multitude of natural materials and fabrics, including lots of different types of wood products. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

An Overview


If you love the vintage appeal of a by-gone era, a great way to create that charm is with an old-fashioned country home decor style. This style can be effortlessly pulled off using both natural materials and different elements, such as wooden floors and wicker furniture. Add a few vintage items like old wooden floors or porcelain tile backsplash tiles that you salvaged from a house restoration project. In addition to adding old fashioned charm, you can also add an old-fashioned charm to your farmhouse by using southern magnolia oil lamps. These charming lamps have a distinctive scent and will bring just the right amount of charm to your new country decorating ideas.

When it comes to country decorating ideas, there is a wealth of natural resources for the creative person to tap into. Because rustic art is becoming more popular, finding ways to incorporate this kind of timber craft into your design is easy. For example, finding old log furniture is a wonderful way to get that rustic art element into your farmhouse style decorating. You can find great pieces at auctions and flea markets, or if you plan on reusing the items you receive from an auction, you can carefully clean and paint them so they have that old world charm. You can also paint wooden planters with a rustic art print for a fun and affordable addition to your farmhouse style decorating.

French Country Decorating Ideas


If your country decorating ideas lean towards the southern plantation style, one way to incorporate this look is with a variety of colourful furniture. Consider using large open floor plans and wooden furniture with a distressed finish so you can create the appearance of plantation life. Consider leaning heavily on textured wall coverings as you play up this theme, such as the use of a variety of painted decorative pillows.

Another country decorating ideas that will help you make the most of the natural wood in your home is to choose natural wood tones instead of darker colours. Dark colours may seem more formal and rich, but darker colours can actually cause eye fatigue when you spend time in your farmhouse. Instead, choose light coloured furniture with a slightly distressed finish. This will help add interest and a welcoming feel to your design elements. Look for a variety of natural wood tones to help pull your design together.

Country style themes are often all about bright natural materials and the wonderful comfort of being close to nature. By using lightweight natural materials you can create just the right ambiance for your farmhouse design elements. For example, choose lightweight rattan furniture and choose natural wood panels for the walls. Add a few rustic lanterns and you have an instant country style that meshes with the natural elements of your property.

Bottom Line

If you have an open floor plan in your French country decorating plan, you can bring the natural materials of the land into your kitchen and living rooms. To complete the look, add some rustic wooden flooring and you have the perfect country kitchen that will bring you closer to the outdoors. Choose stone walls to frame your cabinets, choose stone floors to cover your floors and stick with a warm colour scheme like cream or white. Add some pottery and French furniture, add some flowers and accents, and you have a cozy inviting space that you can retreat into when the stress of life and everyday life starts to get to you.

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