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Feng Shui Style House Floor Plans

Feng Shui Style House Floor Plans

Is your house floor plan based on Feng shui? What are the elements that go into making a perfect Feng shui house plan? How to make the right plan with whatever you have? All these questions might sound too complicated. So, I will try and demystify the procedure. You need to follow a Feng shui house layout to make an ideal Feng shui home. It should also involve following some basic rules that make way for the good flow of Chi energy. If you are in the procedure of constructing a new home, you are fortunate as these tips will help you in saving money, time and energy when it comes to creating the perfect house floor plans.

Feng Shui Style House Floor Plans
Feng Shui Style House Floor Plans

Determine The Facing Direction Of The House

The very first step in following a Feng shui house floor plan is determining the facing direction of the dwelling, particularly the main gate. Houses with proper main doors are capable of enjoying good luck. The residences that lag behind have unstable and uncertain Chi energy flow. This creates unpredictable luck. Similarly, buildings and houses with competing main gates also create instability and confusion for the energy that enters the dwelling.

The Doors And Windows

The placement, shape, overall energy, and Feng shui location of windows and doors in a floor plan have an essential role to play in bringing in good energy. To be explained in simple terms, the relation between the windows and the doors defines the flow of Chi energy into a home. This is mainly because the primary function served by windows and doors is channeling energy and light.

Water Features To Be Right In Front Of The House

It is necessary to ensure that water features are located right in front of the house. It can bring in wealth. You can go for a pool or a pond with a minimum of 18 inches depth. If possible, arrange a constant water flow, which represents continuous wealth replenishment. Round water features are said to dissolve the dangerous effects of intimidating structures.

Feng Shui Style House Floor Plans
Feng Shui Style House Floor Plans

Determining Sitting Directions

Sitting directions are simply the opposite directions of the facing direction of your house. If the facing direction is the back door, then make sitting arrangement towards the front door. The facing direction of your abode is the side door? Then, make the sitting direction to the opposite.

Creating Open House Plans Is The Key

If you are going for Feng shui house plans, it means that you want your home to be energized by water at the main door. You also want the same energy in front of your home and in the different rooms as well. So, it is necessary for you to ensure that your drawing area is separated using frosted glass. This helps in creating a feeling and appearance of visual compartmentalization. Nevertheless, you still get the feel of open space or expanse.

The main objective of designing a home by using Feng shui house floor plans is maximizing the advantage of auspicious and lucky Chi energy. There are different elements and room location that will ensure you fetch the benefits of your Feng shui abode.

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