DIY Home Decorating Projects To Save Your Money

diy home decorating projects

After years of watching the same wall paint and wallpaper, you might be tired now and want to change the color of the entire area. Try making sponge-painted nature silhouettes that can hang above your bed as they look great and give a bold look. DIY home decorating projects are easy to do and help you save a lot of money.

Some of the handmade projects guarantee to increase the vibe and add a lot of charm to your room.

Hereafter, researching for 8-10 hours and after discussion with more than 20 interior designers, I will bring you the top affordable ideas for decorating your house and enhancing the beauty within a limited space.

Spoon Display

Home Decorating

A good collection of spoons takes effort and time to be added. To give an extra look, mount them in an ombre pattern.

Lay spoons in light to the dark pattern on the wood and use a pencil to typically mark spots on both sides of the spoon.

Now remove the spoon and drill holes at markings. Work with one spoon at a time loop fine gauge wire over the handle and through the holes.

Repeat this one until complete and hang.

Cane Webbing Bookshelf

Home Decorating

The blank wall at your house or office is going to get way cuter with the addition of a bookshelf that has been adorned with cane webbing.

Trim a piece of caning just more significant than the opening of the shelf.

Now you can use a foam brush to spread the glue to the back of the shelf opening.

Attach caning holding in its place with binder clips while it dries. Once dry, remove clips and hang shelves to enhance the beauty of your room and make it look more spacious.

Oversize Quilt Square

Oversized colorful quilts look amazing when taken by anyone, and they enhance the beauty of your living room. These quilts would look great when hung on the wall.

Take a large piece of plywood that lends graphic punch to any space.

Cut a piece of plywood to the desired size.

Draw a quilt block on the wood with a pencil using a ruler or painter’s tape for straight lines and then prefer giving a touch with acrylic paint.

Lean or hang on the wall

Wall String Art

Put pressure on your mind and come up with new ideas and prefer taking ideas from the ’70s.

Try writing a play in a kid’s room and resting in the bedroom. Firstly buy colorful sheets from the market and then start cutting them into letter shapes.

Mark nail holes with a pencil on the wall using letters as an easy guide

Hammer copper nails into the wall with lengths of assorted colored thick yarn.


These were some of the best home decor ideas through which you can make your home appear bigger and more organized. Implementing all these would make your home more clear and organized, which would leave a great impression on anyone who visits.

I hope these tips help you organize your home and get the best output from it.

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