DIY Home Decor Ideas With Glue Gun

home decoration ideas diy with glue gun

Everyone likes to decorate their home and also wants to use things that are pocket-friendly. You can use a glue gun to dress up your entire home, from pillows & curtains to sofa & lampshades in everything. Here I am going to share some DIY ideas with a glue gun.

7 Best  DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home  With Glue Gun

  • Make a simple vase look beautiful by decorating it using hot-Glue – Use tabs of hot-Glue in any design you want for decorating a vase. Also, you can write with a glue gun and Spray paint over it, and here the Glue looks like part of the vase.
  • Make a decorative sign by using hot-Glue and a piece of wood – You can write on a wood piece using hot-Glue and make a little decorative sign for your home. You can even add designs if you are feeling a little extra creative.
  • Make beautiful snowflakes with a glue gun – In this craft, you need the Glue gun parchment paper and nail polish( for color).  You can use printable to guide you if you need help in making the shapes of the snowflakes. Otherwise, you can use your imagination and have fun.
  • Make coasters-  If you are having a dinner party and want to do something creative, this craft will teach you how to make your coasters easily.
  • Creating a coiled rope basket by using a glue gun – You coil rope upward, gluing as you go instead of coiling twine while it is lying flat on the table. You can purchase rope and line in any color you want.
  • Make a coral wire sculpture – This coral craft is created by using wire, hot Glue, and acrylic paint. All you need is wire wrapping techniques to sculpt the shape of the branches; then, you add a hot glue gun to create the bumpy textures. After that, you just paint over it in any color you want. 
  • Make Pretty eye-catching candleholders-  This craft is also like several glue gun ideas we have shared with you. You can cover your normal candle holder in a glue gun in any pattern        ; after drying it, pull the candle holder out, paint the Glue and insert the candle holder again. You can choose colors according to your home.


a light decor

These ideas can be a brilliant addition to your home decor for literally no cost at all. You can make amazing crafts with a hot glue gun that adds beauty to your home also on budget.

You can also create new crafts for decorating your home by mixing these ideas. Only you need to buy a glue gun. Once you have it, you will be able to make all these amazing crafts.

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