Different Options For The Perfect Wallpaper Design


Wallpapering was not such a common thing a few years ago. However, it is trendy for asking homeowners these days. When you set out to pick the best wallpaper for your home, you will be faced with thousands of options. To make it simpler for you to choose, today we bring you the best options for getting the Perfect Wallpaper Design.

Different Options For Getting The Perfect Wallpaper Design
Different Options For Getting The Perfect Wallpaper Design

Match Your Wallpaper With Your Rooms Style

• If you are going for a romantic vibe, go with florals and pastel colors. Top it off with delicate damasks.

• If you’re going for a more casual look, try Beadboard and Stucco. Further, you can pair Beadboard with florals to give a relaxed and at-home feeling.

• Some of us prefer the traditional look. In this case, you can try damasks and stripes. It also goes pretty well with the furniture and the décor.

What’s The Purpose Of The Wallpaper In The Room?

• If you are using the wallpaper only as a means to cover the walls, then you can use simple and large scale designs. Placing a simple design on all four walls will give your room a contemporary look without overwhelming the visitors.

• If you want to feature one wall, pick a bold pattern that catches the attention of everybody. Make sure you place the design where it’s clearly visible, like behind the sofa or bed. You can up the antique by adding a pinch of metallic or gloss shades.

• Don’t neglect the ceiling. Decorating the ceiling is an easy way to grab attention. If you use a metallic shade, it will give you a Victorian Style look.

Perfect Wallpaper Design: Choice Of Backing Paper

Your job does not end at picking the color and patterns of the wallpaper. The choice of back paper adds a great deal of detail to your wallpaper. If the backing paper is non-woven, you can remove it at your will.

• As a practice, avoid small patterns because it can be challenging to match the design every time.

• Depending on your preference you can go for a flat profile or a textured one. If you are looking for a refined look, go with flat patterns. On the other hand, if you want a casual look, go for textured designs.

Different Options For Getting The Perfect Wallpaper Design
Different Options For Getting The Perfect Wallpaper Design

Textured patterns can cover up any imperfection there might be on your wall. You can also paint them to get a monochromatic feel. Compared to a flat pattern, textured wallpapers are less detailed.

If you pick a flat pattern, there is a lot of scope for embellishments like gloss or metallic finish. If you want to use a flat wallpaper, but you have imperfections on your wall, go for a wall liner. It will give you the coverage you need by acting as a base layer.

Perfect Wallpaper Design: Choosing How Much Wallpaper is Needed

  • Calculate the dimensions of all walls before you begin, and find out the square footage.
  • Deduct the areas of any windows and doors.
  • Check the roll coverage on the roll labels, when you go shopping for rolls.
  • To be on the safer side, buy one extra roll than what your square foot calculations suggest you.