Designs Elements: The Elements of Tengwar

In recent years, Tengwar has become the standard alphabet for creating new works in many world languages. It is also used extensively in some fantasy works. The usage of the alphabet was originally restricted to use on the plates and manuscript created by men with ink, parchment, and pens. Recently books in the English language, and in languages that include some European influence, have been produced using only the symbols. In addition, publishers publishing titles in world languages. This can incorporate the alphabet into their titles when they are translated from other languages.

All the special letters have their own associations, one of which is already well known. The metal and stone element has the glyphs of metal and stone as its basic shapes. If the metal and stone willed elements do not have a straight line. They will be interrupted by curves or pits.


The metal and stone element has a pattern based on three small circular holes to form the letters of the alphabet, with the outer circles shaped as capitals. Each letter is made up of eight layers. In the uppermost layer, there is the metal and stone patterned base, which creates the first letter. The metal and stone can then be moving beneath this layer to create a second letter.

The metals are forged into their shapes are hammered into place to produce the base of the letter. The lower layer is the wood-shapes, or metal and stone patterned base. This too is hammered into place to form the next letter. Below the metal and stone are the two wood-shapes, or metal and stone flattened out and brought into shape. This can be repeated to form all the remaining letters in the alphabet.

There are four such letters, namely, l, m, n, and u, which are made up of these four metals and a third metal that stands out like an eye. This third metal is made up of two curved layers, called flags, of alternating metals and willed and it takes up space on the edge of the letter to form its double letter. These flags are called crosses and the coat-of-arms of the ruling power.

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The element also includes seven metals. Each metal is known as one of the element symbols, which are also metal and willed. Here are their names:

Woden rune is a rune that means water, while Skaf rune is a rune that mean traveling. Fodr rune is a rune that means lust. The runes are made up of a strong, beautiful geometric pattern. It is adorned with faint lines of the color that stands out the most, red.

The elemental fonts, as is the case with all creative works, are thought of as sacred and precious. They should be given proper care and attention. This is why the symbols of the elemental fonts have been given several religious undertones, which in turn contribute to the mystical undertone of the artistic creations.

According to the Gnostic Christian doctrines, the elements are all precious matter. Some being extremely hard and dense, while others are soft and malleable. These elements are therefore referred to as real, precious metals, and precious stones. They may come together in diverse ways, but each one is a representation of God’s glory and divine power.


Symbolism is therefore to be seen in all these works, as in a great many other things. For example, God is all-powerful and omnipresent, and His glory is seen in the metal and stone, which are seen in the united letters. Thus, one symbol means, literally, all things.

The Greek poet, Aeschylus, who knew all the elements, wrote the immortal epic poem, Prometheus Bound, about the man who has sworn to protect the gift of fire but who is bound by a dark enmity. In this poem, he illustrates the uniqueness of the human personality, and how that nature or character of the free mind and spirit can overcome the modern, unimaginative world and prevail despite everything.

As we can see, the inherent, natural power of creativity that lies within every individual, may be seen in his or her intrinsic elements, which can be traced back to the blue flame of the sun. This is our innate ability to design, to create, and express the highest spiritual ideas.

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