Can You Have Different Colored Curtains In The Same Room

Love interior decorations? Just finished building your dream house?
Using different colored curtains for your window opens up a world of possibilities for decorations. Put up curtains that match up your wall paint or your personality, your choice. Treating your windows right was never easier without a curtain. It should not matter how much panels you use, if they are made off of the same fabric, you are all set to use them freely.

Although the color matching suggested is the darker color over the lighter one but you go as you like. For instance, soft curtains over canvas or silk curtains look good according to the color you have used for the wall to decorate. While making the tough choice, hold up the two curtains and put them side by side. Keep your permutation and combination going until you find your desired color match.

Finding A Layer For Your Room

To install two curtains for a window, put up two rods of curtain holder. Always try hanging the lighter color in the back and the heavier color in the front. Curtains are dirt catchers. So putting the lighter one in behind should prevent the dirt to get your curtain all blacked out. This seems very awkward. Instead of that if you are using the darker one in front, though it will get dirty, it will not tell the people or guests in the house that is has become dirty. So you find a long time of using the curtain before washing it.

Also, both the curtains allow you the amount of light getting in to be controlled. The light-colored curtains surpass a lot of light than the heavier colored one. Keeping both of them open allows you to get the full sunlight to enter your room, bringing solutions to you. Also, another factor is the weight of the curtains. The heavier curtains you choose the more stable they are in a windy situation. Light curtains start flapping up and down and they are more of a pain in the brain in windy weather. However, the suggestion is to use the light curtain in the back and the heavier ones in the front to serve you both its purposes accordingly.

How To Create A Pattern?

Do not only get stuck in two colors. Buy a couple of curtain sets and alternate the colors accordingly. Try buying sets of both lighter and heavier curtains. It should allow you to change one curtain at a time. Not changing both. Here is a pro-tip, use odd numbers of curtains in your window. This will make sure that the last color of the curtains is the same on each side.
Using two curtains at the same time is a bit of old-style but this gives you a bohemian style design in your child’s room or your bedroom or maybe in the living room. Choose as you may.

There is no hard and fast rule to choose a curtain. Looks are important. Therefore, try to look for different colored curtains that keep the room fresh and lively.

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