7 Brilliant DIY Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

Who doesn’t love decorating their living room? This social center of your home needs to look amazing even if you rarely gather there with your loved ones. As spending on home decor can be a bit expensive, how about sprucing your living space with DIY art and craft pieces? Use these DIY home decor ideas to beautify your living room and make it look amazing than ever before.

DIY Glittery Cushion Covers

Glittery cushions are highly on-trend these days. With New Year around the corner, what’s better than decorating your sofa sets with shiny and sparkly pillows? Make DIY glitter cushion covers easily at home using rhinestone or sequin fabric,  scissors, measuring tape, thread, and fabric needle. Alternatively, take a plain cushion cover, draw a big heart on it starting from the corner, and fill it up with glitter. Prepare a glitter mixture with red and golden glitters and Mod Podge. Apply three to four coats of the glitter mixture one by one. Make sure to put on a new layer of glitter mixture only after the previous layer dries completely.

DIY Abstract Painting

An abstract painting or wall art is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to beautify the walls of your living room. Create a giant abstract painting by getting a blank canvas and doing abstract art on it. Some unique DIY home decor ideas using abstract art include geometric art, abstract ombre art, constellation art, brushstroke art, and fired ink wall art.

DIY Striped Wall

Ditch the idea of buying expensive wallpapers and create a DIY striped wall instead. To create a striped wall, paint the wall with a light color such as white or light grey. Now create horizontal lines across the painted wall with the help of a pencil and yardstick. Next, tape the lines and mark the alternate rows you would paint. Paint the rows with a dark color such as black or dark grey, let them dry, and then remove the tapes.

DIY Marble Coffee Table

You don’t need real marble to give your coffee table a realistic look. Create a DIY marble coffee table by simply buying marble contact paper, cut it using as per the table dimensions, and stick it with strong glue. Just make sure to use a good quality contact paper so that it stays in top-notch condition for longer. Other similar DIY home decor ideas with coffee table include abstract painting on the table, whitewashing the table, or covering the table with a shimmery cover.

DIY Floating Shelves

If you have a large bare wall in the living room, cover it up with the help of floating shelves. You can then cover these shelves with decor such as photo frames, books, clocks, mirrors, vases, and so on. Simply buy a pinewood and cut it into equal-size sections using a saw. Notch their back and drill holes at the back for the hardware. The next step will be sanding and staining these shelves. Lastly, level the shelves and hang them in their place.

DIY Pom Pom Rug

If you have leftover yarn, use it to create an appealing pom pom rug. To create the rug, gather the yarn and wrap it around a square or rectangle wooden frame. Leave a 2-inch gap between the tied yarns. Next, cut the yarn and adjust them to make pompom. Tie the pompom on your rug and you are done! Use yarn in random colors to create a colorful pom pom rug.

Painted Bottle Vase

Give a beautiful look to a transparent bottle vase by painting it uniquely. Mix two shades of similar color (light and dark) and paint the bottom half of the vase with it. Beautify the vase further by tying a ribbon (of the same color) along with a tag. You can then use the vase to hold your beautiful flowers.

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