5 Home Décor Interior Design Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

home decor interior design ideas

Boring bland walls, plan floors, and an ordinary balcony can seriously hurt your motivation and energy. Thus homeowners should always work on trendy home décor interior design ideas. Hiring an interior designer should not always be an option as it’s expensive especially if you are someone who likes changes. Be your interior designer and renovate your old-boring home into a brand new luxurious home without spending much. How?

Check out our DIY home décor ideas for inspiration.

Pick The Right Color

a room

First thing first, pick the right color for the interior and exterior of the home. This may seem easy but this is the toughest of all as the rest of the design will work according to the color scheme. So, go for a color that suits your mood and reflects positive energy.

Warm colors are ideal but if you don’t find any perfect shade then opt for three shades. Just pick one color, say blue. Paint the walls with either dark or light shade. Get the furniture of the same color but in a different shade, probably lighter than the one on the wall.

Buy fancy accessories for homes, pillows, vases, and other items in the same color. Everything will be blend smoothly in the atmosphere and you would be saved from the tough tasking of choosing different shades for everything.

Work On Texture

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Texture and color both are important especially when the home is painted in one color. The texture will give more life to the surroundings. Therefore, add texture to the accessories like opting for a cotton sofa, shiny cushions, velvet curtains, and more. It would remove all dullness in the room and add plenty of texture without too much fuss.

Mix The Furniture

Apart from these home décor interior design ideas, work on the furniture style as well. Too many or less in just one room will make it look congested and dull. Moreover, the number of the chair, sofa, and other furniture you can add in a room depends on its size.

A simple trick is to go for a large furniture piece rather than too many small ones. Get a large armoire with some small beautifully carved slender chairs.

Decorative Bowls

Small baskets, flower vases, and trays will add life to your home. Many interior designers apply this technique to add more details to the surroundings. For someone who loves greenery, this is one of the best home décor interior design ideas.

You can even keep homemade woven baskets, a beautiful bowl at the centerpiece, or antique vases as a showpiece. Fill your windows with small plants in unique pots.


Although you don’t have to add wall paintings in the room if you are applying the above home décor design ideas. But, you can put some motivational wallpapers, simple frames, and handmade paintings to add more elements.

You can even put a big wall painting at the center or cluster of small paintings in a unique matrix. Furthermore, you can add vintage or minimalistic style to your home following these basic interior designing tips.

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