4 Things To Consider When Decorating A Modern Living Room

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Modern living rooms are set aside from other types of living room by the way they look. They have a free floor plan that allows for more movement and good lighting. They have modern fixtures, like various kinds of furniture, curtains, rugs and a fireplace. They also usually have an artistic focus that the furniture and other fixtures are arranged around.

The art takes your sitting room from looking good to looking ultra-cool. Using art in your parlour is an important hallmark in modern living room decoration. If you’re thinking of decorating your sitting room in an ultramodern style, here are a few things you need to consider:

●   Planning

A group of people planning

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. Consider all the features you want for your space and also consider your budget. Think about how to match and contrast colors and what theme you want for your living space. Consider what will be the focal point of your sitting room’s design. It could be a piece of art, a bookcase, a view from a floor-to-ceiling window, anything of importance to you. Decide what you want guests to feel when they come into your front room. Do you want them to feel like they are in a mostly classy environment? An artistic one? A homely and welcoming one?

Plan the way you want it to look, to get the effects you desire.

●   Furniture

Furniture is also very important. The colours, the texture, the way they are arranged. You don’t always have to go for matching upholstery. Sometimes, switching up the colors can give your parlour a playful, welcoming feel. Aside being stylish, there’s a need to be practical as well when choosing furniture. Choose furniture that wouldn’t show stain marks, especially if you have children or pets. Also, choose furniture that wouldn’t show wear and tear quickly. Leather is a good option, because spills can be easily wiped off.

It’s important to think about conversations when arranging furniture. This is to help you strategically place them so when people are seated, everyone can see everyone else.

●   Art

A living room with wall art decorations

This is the aspect of the decoration where you can really show your personality. It could be in the form of a single painting, a sculpture, some sculpture-like furniture, some throw pillows or a rug. You can decorate your house with art that expresses something important to you, or that you just think is really beautiful. You should also think carefully about the placement of your piece(s) of art. Consider if you want them to be the major attraction in your parlour.

●   Lighting

Lighting alone can be the difference between a dull-looking house, and a beautiful, welcoming one. There should be enough light, especially in the living room area. You could carefully select the type of light you want, to further control the ambience. Be careful with coloured lights though, they can either bring out or alter the color of your fixtures. Choose the one that will enhance all the colours you’re working with. Alternatively, during the day, you can use natural sunlight alone, by making use of floor-to-ceiling windows.

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