10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Companies

kitchen remodeling companies

Kitchen remodeling is a massive undertaking, so it pays to work with the best. To equip you with our search-intensive expertise, SmartAsset scoured thousands of consumer reviews and performed quality control on each review before coming up with its top picks for kitchen remodeling companies.

Here are some of the best remodeling companies.

H & J Kitchen and Bath:

They offer a wide variety of options for kitchen remodeling, including custom cabinets and countertops.

KC Remodel:

Specializing in luxury kitchens and bathrooms, this company provides design services as well as installation services.

QRS Design and Build:

Known for their bright aesthetic, they provide full-service renovation that includes cabinetry, flooring, lighting, tile work, and decorative finishes such as wallpaper or murals.

Montana Woodworks:

They offer the opportunity to customize furniture pieces by choosing from different stains and finishes on standard items such as mantles or tabletops. The same concept applies to cabinet fronts, you can choose your own style without having to make a custom piece of your own.

Fernandez Kitchen and Bath:

One of Denver’s oldest design-build companies, they have been providing beautiful new kitchens for over 35 years. Their professional staff offers a wide range of services from creative kitchen plans to full suite remodels.

Pinnacle Design-Build:

Renowned in the area for their fresh looks, they are known for helping you create a unique look by using an eclectic mix of materials.

The Home Depot:

Frequently cited as one of the best places to shop for kitchen cabinets, they provide high-quality prefabricated items along with great customer service in-store or online. Even if you don’t go through them for your remodel, it’s worth checking out their cabinet collections.

Cherry Creek Kitchens:

A high-end remodeling company, they offer great design services and a wide range of products such as built-in appliances and exotic granite countertops.

Rocky Mountain Cabinetry:

They offer many unique kitchen choices thanks to their partnership with Wilke Custom Cabinetry. You can choose from modern or classic styles as well as make your own custom piece if you really want something unique.

Kitchen Kompact:

This is one of the leading small kitchen companies in the country and offers all kinds of cabinet options for kitchens under 500 square feet. They also have a designer on staff who will work with you to make sure everything is exactly how you want it without going overboard on cost.


These are some of the best kitchen remodelers, but also keep in mind that you can have a custom kitchen designed for your home at a fraction of the cost if you’re willing to put a little work into it. You could try looking online or checking out local stores and seeing what kind of cabinet fronts they have available, then head over to one of these companies and see if they’ll help you make those items functional for your space. Many places will be able to do this as long as you give them accurate measurements and explain how it should look when finished. Save yourself some time and money by trying this approach before going full custom.

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